Walking the Way in Brightmoor

Want to pay a visit to Brightmoor’s Farm-way? Tours are FREE and available at your convenience! Just email walsh.katharina@gmail.com to make a reservation.

Walking the Way is an audio walking tour through a unique and growing community in Detroit. The walk  is self-guided tour through gardens, parks and open space in a Brightmoor neighborhood accompanied by recorded stories and reflections of the people who live and work there.


Walking the Way is permanently installed in the neighborhood and can be accessed by booking a spot with Katharina Walsh. To book contact Katharina at: k.walsh@dartington.ac.uk.  This tour is free of charge and open to all.

Once you arrive in Brightmoor you will be given an mp3 player and headphones and a map of the route.  The  route takes you through the neighborhood visiting 11 sites. The sites consist of market gardens, community gardens, parks and open space. A piece of recorded material accompanies each site. The audio consists of stories and reflections of the people who live and work in the gardens and parks. The walks takes approximately 45 minutes but you are welcome to take it at a more leisurely pace!

What used to be here?
How has this place changed for you since you began working here?
What do you like about this neighborhood?
What are your dreams and ideas for the future of the neighborhood?

One last note…Brightmoor is a residential community please be considerate of private property and stick the the route indicated on the map. Appropriate outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear is recommended! And lastly, enjoy and thank you!


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