I write this blog but the work presented here  is undertaken by many hands and with the good will of many hearts. I seek only to offer  more of a background, or peek into, the work we are doing here in Brightmoor. I am not a professional writer or blogger so this is simply a journal of various moments and glimpses, photos, connections and updates.

My name is Katharina, and I live and work in Detroit, in the neighborhood called Brightmoor. Brightmoor lies on the far northwest corner of the city. The neighborhood covers 4 sq. miles and includes a section of the River Rouge and many open fields, lots and woodland areas. I live in an area self-described as The Brightmoor Farm-way. Our Farm-way consists of 14 blocks in which 30+ families/households are actively involved in urban gardening, farming, market gardening, community building, childcare, art, environmental protection and conservation,  permaculture and youth entrepreneurship. As families/households we have formed a non-profit, Neighbors Building Brightmoor, which is self-governed and lead by neighborhood members. 

To learn see more activity by NBB visit our Facebook page:


For more information and contacts feel free to email me:



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