Night Sky arrives in Brightmoor

A few months ago I came across a massive installation called the Night Sky Billboard Project and watched a video online of a group of dare-devil nutters installing giant wood panels on a billboard frame above a corner store on the Eastside.

Over the summer while working in the Treedome we had the good fortune of crossing paths with Charlie Michaels, a Detroit-based artist.
The other day Charlie offered us his starry night mural that used to hang on a billboard. My mind started ticking – this must be the same billboard project I heard about in the spring!  Spring windstorms had blown a few panels off the roof top onto the intersection below so the piece was disassembled and packed away into Charlie’s basement awaiting a new home. Graciously, Charlie offered us the use of the starry panels to board up the house next to the Treedome Park. Thank you Charlie and here’s to coincidences!

The original installation site on the corner of Mt. Elliot and Mack Ave.

The Billboard moves to Brightmoor


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