Summer in Brightmoor

Hello! It’s been a while but I’m back in Brightmoor and it’s all hands on deck for this Summer of many changes, challenges and improvements to this vibrant neighborhood!

This past week 27 young people from all over Brightmoor began working in our target area neighborhood (The Brightmoor Farmway). The young people are employed by Trinity CDC with generous funding from the Fischer Family. Our young people will be working for the next 6 weeks. One group, led by Mr. Scott, are working on the Farmway helping neighborhood  community and market gardens maintain and develop their work as well as working with an artist, KT from The College of Creative Studies Detroit, painting murals to be displayed throughout the neighborhood.

The second group, led by myself, is cleaning up and converting three open lots into a children’s art park. The park is part of an international project, children – earth – solidarity – treedomes, initiated by the German landscape artist Johannes Matthiessen. There are already four Treedome parks on three continents in China, Austria and two in Tansania. We are building the first North American Treedome and hopefully there will be more to come!       For more information about this exciting project and to start your own Treedome visit:

Other areas of the neighborhood have been very active as well – there is change a foot! To sneak a peek at photos of the lovely new parks and gardens that have sprung up this past Spring visit Neighbors Building Brightmoor and the Brightmoor Farmway on Facebook

There was a LOT of excellent work this week! Thank you everyone for your hard work and enthusiasm!

On the first day our work site had 3 foot tall grass and many hidden piles of dumped trash. After two days our site was mowed, clean and ready for use!


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