INSIDE/OUT & Talking Fence

The other day I came across another painting in the outdoor exhibition INSIDE/OUT put on by the Detroit Institute of Art. INSIDE/OUT is an exhibition of 40 replica paintings (and their frames) from the museum’s collection scattered around this part of lower Michigan. I encountered In The Garden by Mary Cassatt on a walk down by the river at my local park with a 6 year old. We wondered at it a while, asked a few questions to ourselves and then kept walking. A selling point for us was being able to touch the painting, something which is definitely not allowed in museums!

Talking Fence (2010) is a project in its final “building” stages spearheaded by Design99, a local Detroit design/architecture collective. Exciting for me as Talking Fence is right up the street from where I am working in Brightmoor. Talking Fence is part light installation, part community story project. The newly installed fence will house LED lights (embedded in the wood) as well as art and sculpture made by local people inspired by stories gathered from neighborhood residents. The old garage on the site is home to a wind turbine and solar panels that will supply energy to the fence.

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