some times call for cake

I’ve been busy scrumping for apples and recieving lovely plums from various folks.  After a bit of chop chop and stir stir something new takes shape.  It’s really easy to process apples for a nice sauce: wash, core and chop apples into small pieces. Place apples in a pot with about an inch of water so they don’t stick to the bottom. Simmer on low heat till the apples are soft. Add a cinnemon stick or small piece of vanilla pod for added flavor.

Plum Cake  – Preheat ovan to 300-400F.  2 cups pastry flour, a pinch of salt and baking powder, cup of sugar, half a lemon rind grated, bit of milk or yogurt, 2 eggs, cup of butter.  Mix dry ingredients, stir in wet ingredients. Grease medium sized cake pan. Pour in batter. Wash and cut plums into 1/4 (longways) remove stones! Place plums into batter,  fish scale-like, in rows.   Bake for 30-40 min. or till golden brown. 

My plum cake is now en route from my ovan to Brightmoor’s expectant mouths. Enjoying the harvest one bite at a time.


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