Up Shoots Detroit

Coincidental  pollination took place a few weeks back with my old friend Felix and photographer Jens coming over from Germany for a week-long photo/portrait shoot of gardening in Detroit.  It was quite an adventure and great way to experience and delve into the “growing” life of the city.  Jens and Felix set up a portable portrait studio – taping up background paper to the sides of houses and garage doors. We had a lot of takers for the portrait shots – even raising the curiosity (and eyebrows) of a few passing Narco cops that were circling the block.  Earthworks Urban Farm – Meldrum St. garden, Detroit.

Saturday brought a mass work day at Georgia Street Community Garden constructing a new park in the neighborhood funded and filmed by a group from the UK working on a music video.  I headed up the mural-painting effort – getting kids to help design and paint the outside of the fence for the new park. We spent a good 10 hours painting and have yet to finish!  By the evening we had parents and our neighborhood “supervisors”- the guys who’d been watching us all day from the sidewalk – in on the creation.

The “new” lawn and park.

Finished off the day with a big BBQ – ribs and beans ribs and beans!


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